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Grecco’s approach to interviewing some of the leading actresses working in porn movies today reflects his own roots in still photography. He observes in the film that a good still photograph should leave the viewer wanting to know more. “I’m a portrait photographer and I approached the documentation of this sub-culture as doing portraits of the people,” he explained. “I approached it as a sociologist would. I wanted a portrait where you’re looking at people’s eyes and you’re wondering what they’re thinking or there’s a more subtle emotion or there’s something going on that makes you stare into the portrait.”

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An entertaining, adeptly crafted documentary that treats its provocative subject matter with refreshing respect.

- Los Angeles Times

This beautifully printed hard cover book offers an unabashed peek under the silken covers of one of the few remaining concealed idiosyncrasies of pop culture, the multi-billion dollar porn industry. The book features full color portraits of your favorite adult stars with forewords by Larry Flynt and Dave Navarro. All books are signed by Michael Grecco. HARDCOVER: 224 pages, 13 x 10 inches, $39.95. Free delivery within the USA.

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